is A philosopher

Dr. ali albar

My Qualifications 

Soft Personal Skills:

  • Professional communication skills in both Arabic and English languages
  • Professional project management skills
  • Professional time management skills
  • Professional problem-solving skills to resolve ambiguity and take decisive actions
  • Professional analysis skills to to analyze and resolve problems using analytical strategies
  • Professional communication skills to interact with team members and support personnel
  • Professional leadership skills to lead teams and guide the work of less experienced personnel
  • Professional skills to work independently and collaboratively with team members
  • Professional presentation skills to train and educate students, staff, and co-workers

Technical Skills​​:

  • Experience with Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems
  • Experience with enterprise backup/ recovery systems/ business continuity planning
  • Experience with various programming languages, web designing, software/hardware compatibility
  • Experience with network infrastructure designing 
  • Experience with database management systems
  • Experience with security settings of LAN/ WAN/ & Wireless networks
  • Experience with resolving network infrastructure problems
  • Experience with evaluating, testing, and verifying network technologies and determining systems/users needs
  • Experience with technical support services and networks support requirements
  • Professional technical skills to train and educate technical staff about technical materials, network systems, and computer applications
  • Professional skills to write/review technical RFPs, MRFs, technical users’ manuals, and computer training programs and special technical curriculums
  • Professional skills to work in engineering, technical support, and/or applicable areas to ensure that training materials are well-designed to please required needs