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Enterprise achievement
In 2005, China launched its first glasses display video glasses"
In 2008, the world's first "glasses TV" and China's first "glasses theater.""
In 2010, China launched its first "3D" shutter glasses"
In 2010, China developed the first professional "3D projector optical engine""
In 2011, China launched the first professional "3D content cloud platform" - "cloud cube""
2014, the official release of the world's first "3D holographic mobile phone takee1""
In 2014, a "laser TV optical engine" with independent intellectual property rights was launched"
In 2015, the first state-of-the-art educational equipment takee laser education projector was released
At present, already has more than 400 R & D ESTAR certificate of achievement and the patent, the domestic 3D industry ranked first.
Enterprise qualification
1. National Torch Program key high-tech enterprises
2. national high-tech enterprises
3. China stereoscopic video (3D) industry alliance vice president unit
4., China's sole participation in the drafting of the United States CEA international 3D standards unit
5., China's "shutter 3D glasses national standards," the main drafting units
6. Shenzhen hi tech Enterprises
7. national brand of Guangdong Province
8., Guangdong key innovation to help high growth enterprises
9.2012, China's software and information services industry innovation and influence enterprises
10.2012, Shenzhen outstanding emerging cultural and creative enterprises
11.2013 intellectual property rights advantage enterprises
12. deep Hong Kong and Macao innovation and influence enterprises
13. hundred enterprises in Shenzhen cultural and creative industries
14.2014 years, Shenzhen independent innovation hundred top small and medium-sized enterprises
Enterprise honor
1., International, 3D, four, Annual, Awards, 2009
2., International, 3D, four, Annual, Awards, 2010
3., International, 3D, four, Annual, Awards, 2012
4. China (Shenzhen) innovation and entrepreneurship competition enterprise innovation group innovation award
5.2011 China 3D industry economic year "technical innovation award""
6.2011 China 3D industry economic year "excellent product award""
7.2011 China Health 3D Innovation Product Award
8.2012 China's "healthy 3D" industry outstanding contribution award
9.2012 China Electronic Society Electronic Information Science and Technology Award
10., eleventh (2012) Shenzhen enterprise new record "innovation project award""
11.2013 Innovation Festival, China's innovative design "best green design" award
12.2014 CITE (China electronic information Expo) Award for innovative products and Applications
13. takee1 Yesky Yesky named the 2014 annual "mobile phone innovation product award"
The 14. takee1 won the PChome's 2014 best innovation cell phone"
15., takee1 won the mobile home selection of the 2014 annual "best technology innovation mobile phone.""
16. takee1 Android official website market selection machine front network 2014 annual "best popularity award"
17. takee1 received 2015 "German IF Design Award""
The 18. takee1 won the 2015 us CES Innovation Award (the only handheld terminal class CES Innovation Award in China's history)
19. takee (titanium guest) laser education projector won the "China International Consumer Electronic Leader Innovation Award" the most innovative potential award"